Do You Want an Easier Way to Source Products From China?

In China, you can find suppliers of almost everything imaginable. Yet finding the right supplier is not as easy as it seems.

We usually verify the suppliers by doing a background check for these suppliers, then determine if they are trading companies, manufacturers – or even real at all! We need to ensure that your supplier is legitimate. This involves checking their business license and contacting previous customers of the factory. The next step is to start assessing the pricing, lead times and the suppliers past track record. New suppliers will be recommended if necessary.


We can even take over the price and terms negotiations, establish quality control procedures, create sales contracts and arrange the whole purchase process for you.


Keep in mind that it is a huge difference between sourcing a product with the asked price and to source a product from a reputable manufacturer, with genuine experience and all the relevant certifications and getting them to understand yourneed &requirements.


Whether you’re a professional importer or a beginner who is importing for the first time – we can design the best out a sourcing solution that satisfy your needs and grant you the success in the markets.


We know from our long experience in the China supply field that most suppliers on websites like alibaba and made-in-china are middle men, claiming to be manufacturers. They simply want to subcontract potential orders to legitimate factories. This will lead to a number of problems like the quality issues, communication issues and imprecise quotations. We guarantee to save you from all of these issues. We are always dealing with the manufacturer directly.


Perhaps your product is not currently made in China? CompuFocus Sourcing Solutions will find you suitable factory to produce your product. We’ve dealt with difficult product creations in the past and can work out a unique solution for you, no matter the complexity involved.If you’re after custom manufacturing please use our contact form here and we will be happy to help you further.